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Call for papers (IESCA-2019; İzmir)

We would like to invite you to the “International Earth Science Colloquium on the

Aegean Region” (IESCA-2019) which will be held on October 7-11, 2019 in İzmir,



Major themes of the IESCA-2019 include:




A.1. Tectonics and Palaeogeography of Tethyan Oceans


A.2. Sedimentology, Biostratigraphy & Palaeoecology of Depocenters in the Eastern

Mediterranean Region


A.3. Metamorphic Geology & Structural Petrology of Continental Crust: Anatolia and



A.4. Magmatic Geodynamics & Volcanology in the Mediterranean Region


A.5. Mesozoic Mantle Dynamics & Tethyan Ophiolites


A.6. Cenozoic Extensional Tectonics in the Eastern Mediterranean Region


A.7. Seismology & Seismotectonics of the Mediterranean


A.8. Marine Geology and Geophysics


A.9. Paleomagnetic Investigations & Reconstruction Studies


A.10. Quaternary Events & Climate Change Records across the Eastern Mediterranean



A.11. Geoarchaeology & Geological Heritage in Anatolia and Beyond




B.1. Metallic Deposits in the Mediterranean Region


B.2. Industrial Raw Materials & Gemology in the Mediterranean Region


B.3. Water & Geothermal Resources in the Eastern Mediterranean Region


B.4. Construction Materials


B.5. Fossil Energy Resources and Uranium/Thorium Deposits




C.1. Air, Water and Soil Pollution


C.2. Engineering Geology


C.3. Engineering Geophysics: New Methods and Applications


C.4. GIS and Remote Sensing applications




* We would like to announce that both abstract and full-text submissions are

welcome. The authors will also have chance to publish their studies in peer-reviewed

international journals. The details of the journals will be announced in the

following days.


* Deadline for abstract / full-text submission is scheduled as June 15th 2019


* The symposium will include individual oral presentations of approximately 15 (+5)

minutes, as well as poster presentations, planned under several sessions.


* The currently planned invited speeches are:


“Morphotectonic Development of Anatolia (Active tectonics and associated



by Dr. Yücel YILMAZ


“The uplift of Anatolian Plateau – when and why did it occur?”


by Dr. Aral I. OKAY


“Crustal Growth in the Western Anatolian Igneous Province”


by Dr. Martin R. PALMER


“The origin of Alpine-Himalayan orogenic K-rich lavas: an integrated experimental

and geochemical approach”


by Dr. Dejan PRELEVIĆ


“Magmatic processes controlling the formation of porphyry copper deposits”


by Dr. Massimo CHIARADIA


“Engineering Seismology Case Studies”


by Dr. Özdoğan YILMAZ


“An Overview of 25 Years in the Menderes Massif, Western Turkey”


by Dr. Erdin BOZKURT






Dr. E. Yalçın ERSOY


On behalf of organizing committee


Dokuz Eylül University, İzmir-Turkey




– Further details about the previous IESCA meetings can be found at:


– For questions or concerns:


Dr. E. Yalçın ERSOY            (


Dr. Yeşim YÜCEL-ÖZTÜRK          (

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